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Special Crosswords

Thematic Crosswords for those Special Occasions

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How about a very special, personal gift for a loved-one (relative or friend) – a thematic crossword to celebrate that special occasion. For example:

·         An 18th/21st Birthday

·         25th/50th/etc Wedding Anniversary

·         40th/50th/60th/70th/etc Birthday

·         ‘The Life and Times of………’

Thematic crosswords are often difficult to compile unless a large database of relevant words is available from which to select. To this end, not wishing to be intrusive, it is important that as many ‘buzzwords’ as possible are provided. A detailed questionnaire would need to be completed in order to provide the ‘answers’ for the crossword grid. But all would be done in the strictest confidence with the questionnaire being destroyed immediately after satisfactory completion of the subject crossword.

The crossword would be presented on an A4-sized card, suitable for framing, and would be titled and appropriately dated to the occasion and signed by ‘Enigma’ after the clues. Two copies would be provided. The puzzle’s solution (2 copies) would also be provided, with one being in a sealed envelope.

As much notice as possible would be required, perhaps at least 3 months, as compiling such puzzles is demanding on time. Costs would likely be in the range of £125-£300 depending on the crossword size (13X13 or 15X15), and on the complexity of the clues required (concise, cryptic or a mixture of both)


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